In-Vessel Composting

Invest in Long Term Quality

The Novi-Comp In-Vessel Composter is now available in 3 model sizes to better suit your operation. All models offer a 10 year warranty against corrosion on the internal drum. The Novi-Comp’s unique design ensures that only stainless steel parts come in contact with your compost. Our technology is based on decades of composting experience, while being manufactured with the highest level of expertise.

Used Composter for sale:

2019 NC432 w/ screener – daily capacity of 156 kgs/day

Currently located in Southern Alberta

Call Shawn @ 204-312-8176 for pricing and details.

The only in-vessel composter manufacturer to offer a 10 year warranty against corrosion on its internal drum

Kills most pathogens commonly associated with livestock disposal


Direct Drive System

Fully stainless steel internal drum

Superior design

Modular construction

3' Model

Novi-Comp 3ft diameter

4' Model

Novi-Comp 4ft diameter

5' Model

Novi-Comp 5ft diameter


  • Developed for facilities requiring lower daily capacity volumes
  • Built to endure lower loads with price point in mind
  • Modular sections adaptable and extendable to lengths up to 22’
  • Capacities from 47lb/22kg per day – 142lb/65kg per day
  • PLC controlled system convertible from batch to continuous flow operation (desired feature for smaller poultry operations)


  • Original design developed from early years R&D
  • Most uniform mix of product with the most efficient rate of composting
  • Suitable for most mid to large size livestock facilities
  • Modular sections adaptable and extendable to lengths up to 62’
  • Capacities from 224lb/102kg per day – 717lb/325kg per day
  • Lower to ground for ease of loading door operation


  • Developed for larger livestock facilities that require high daily capacity volumes
  • Suitable for livestock facilities and organic waste centres requiring higher daily capacity volumes 
  • Modular sections adaptable and extendable to lengths up to 62’
  • Capacities from 358lb/162kg per day – 1144lb/519kg per day

2’ starter sections now available for all 4’ and 5’ Novi-Comp models

A new, small format door enables you to load small amounts of product without the need to open the large loading doors.

Optional arrangments allow for multiple access points and easy loading.

The Novi-Comp – your economical solution.

Safe | Reliable | Efficient

The Novi-Comp Meets Class A OMRR Standards

(Organic Matter Recycling Regulation)

  • Temperature at least 55°C / 130°F for at least 3 days for pathogen control
  • Compost treated for at least 14 days at an average temperature of 45°C / 113°F
  • Final Carbon: Nitrogen ratio: 15–35:1
  • Fecal coliform levels: <1,000 MPN/gm