190 Second Ave. Rosenort Industrial Park - Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada | Phone: 204-746-6843

Novid Inc.

Novid Inc. is North America’s largest manufacturer of stainless steel liquid fertilizer Storage Tanks, with the highest standard of quality. Truly built to endure.


“We have been storing fertilizer in stainless steel for over 25 years which has drastically reduced our maintenance costs and has kept our facility looking good. In fact our stainless steel bins are worth more today than what we originally paid for them...”
- Denis Benjamin Manager/Sales: Rosenort Agro

“We are very pleased with the quality and workmanship of our Novid Tanks. The staff at Novid have been very pleasant to work with from the first order to final delivery. They produce a very high quality product that will last for generations...”
- Wayne Drangsholt, Hefty Seeds, Mohall, ND, USA

“We have 16 Novid stainless steel tanks. Novid has done an excellent job of delivering them to us over the last 3 years. We will be adding more storage this year and it will definitely be Novid tanks. ”
- Dan McKenzie
CEO, Sharpe’s Soil Services Ltd.,
Langenburg, Sask.

A Testament of Quality...

While using mild steel tanks for many years with their associated corrosion, poor appearance, high maintenance and potential leaking problems, I always wished there were stainless tanks available.

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- David Pizzey, David Pizzey Ltd. & Inland Seed Corp.