Grain Bin Calculator

The Novid Grain Bin Calculator is a convenient reference tool for determining the size of bins that you will need for your farming operation’s dry storage. Between determining the storage requirements and the footprint of each bin, this calculator can help you plan your bin site with simple calculations.

By filling out each field, and you can determine what your volume and weight capacity is for the current configuration. Note that the 35 degree roof is only applicable with scale hoppers. If you have any questions, contact a Novid representative today.



  • 885.4 Cubic Feet
  • 25.1 m3
  • 0.0 MT (please enter product weight)
  • 0.0 Ton (please enter product weight)
  • 711.5 Bushels (US dry)
  • 689.4 Bushels (IMP dry)

Total Product Weight

  • 0.0 lbs. (please enter product weight)

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