Seeing is Believing!

The catalog of products offered by Novid is large and we love to show off what our products can do for you. Reading articles, seeing our ads, and looking at photos can only tell you so much. The high-quality products we produce are best appreciated in person; but we realize that time and location do […]

The New Way To Monitor Your Tanks

We strive to provide our clients the best products on the market for their operations to run efficiently. We are always on the hunt for the latest technologies that fit within our offerings. Technology plays a large part in how farming operations run today, and we found that the Tattle System, from North Star Systems […]

Why Choose the Novi-Comp?

There are a number of options available to you when it comes to in-vessel composting. It can be overwhelming to find the best product for your operation.  We’ve built a team with over 30 years of composting experience in design, manufacturing and technical expertise. The Novid team also has over 25 years of experience manufacturing […]

The In-Vessel Compost Solution

In-vessel composting isn’t a new idea as it’s been around since the early 2000’s.  What is new is the improvements on a proven technology. With over 30 years of composting experience in design, manufacturing and technical expertise, as well as 25 years of manufacturing high quality stainless steel products, The Novi-Comp meets the market’s highest […]

Deadstock Disposal

The disposal of deadstock is a part of the Ag Industry with many advancements in recent years. Some of the traditional methods are still in practice today, but a few countries have put restrictions on how livestock facilities are able to dispose of their fallen stock. More and more facilities are looking at ways to […]

Reduce mix time with a DAS

Traditional methods for mixing chemical tanks can be hazardous, not to mention time consuming and messy. The possibility of a chemical spill puts you, your team or your operation at risk. At Novid, we’re always looking for ways to improve traditional methods, and have engineered a safe, quick and clean solution. We have designed a self-contained system that eliminates personal and environmental risk.