The In-Vessel Compost Solution


In-vessel composting isn’t a new idea as it’s been around since the early 2000’s.  What is new is the improvements on a proven technology. With over 30 years of composting experience in design, manufacturing and technical expertise, as well as 25 years of manufacturing high quality stainless steel products, The Novi-Comp meets the market’s highest standards.

Novi-Comp design

The Novi-Comp took years of research and development, followed by years of testing to perfect the best sizing, insulation and speed of rotation, allowing the natural biological microbes to compost at a high level of efficiency on their own. We believe that good is never good enough, so the innovation and advancements used in the Novi-Comp are a collection of improved offerings to those models already on the market.  The Novi-Comp stands today as the most advanced, best value product in its industry.

Why it’s Superior

The Novi-Comp ensures that only stainless steel parts come in contact with compost materials, eliminating corrosion internally. We are the only in-vessel composter manufacturer offering a 10 year warranty against corrosion on its internal drum. Our direct drive system eliminates the need to monitor and adjust chains and belts, leaving you with more time to focus on your operations. Our modular design allows for versatility and adaptability as sections can be substituted to suit the needs of the facility.

How it Works

The drum rotates 6-12 times each day on a 20 minute cycle. The internal temperature when operating can reach between 55-65 degrees celsius, causing the pathogens to neutralize. Full composting is complete in 7-14 days. Aeration occurs naturally through discharge using the venting lids, without requiring additional mechanization.

Composting is a natural biological procedure that creates a manageable, bio-secure process. This occurs when carbon and nitrogen are mixed at high temperatures; the carbon supplied by wood chips or dry straw, and the nitrogen supplied by the deadstock. The Novi-Comp controls the environment which accelerates the decomposition process. Because the Novi-Comp is able to neutralize the pathogens carried by deadstock, the compost is actually safe to spread on the land without worry of contamination.

Not Just for deadstock

While the Novi-Comp was designed as an easier disposal for livestock operations, including hog, poultry, slaughterhouses and fisheries, because of it’s environmentally friendly process, it can also be used in waste facilities such as Universities, schools and farmers markets. 

If you’re curious how a Novi-Comp will work for your operation, our sales team would be happy to price out a unit for you.