Scale Hoppers & Shelters

Custom Built

Our hoppers and shelters are designed to your scale requirements. Novid is CWB Division 2 certified, and we understand the importance of using accurate and superior welding procedures and processes in order to deliver the best product. Each of our welders carry stainless steel weld training and certification.

Chemical Compatibility
Select “Stainless Steel – 304” in the “Materials” dropdown list

Professionally Engineered

  • Structurally Engineered for longevity
  • Manufactured with Corrosive Resistant T304 or T316 Stainless Steel
  • No On-Site Paint Touch-ups Required
  • Environmentally Friendly

Scale Hoppers & Shelter Features

  • Custom Built
  • Available with or without Shelter
  • Lap Welded Joints
  • Direct Bolt to Existing Leg
  • Foot Pads Match Weigh Scale Pads
  • 2 Side Lifting Lugs
  • Roof Vent


  • SS Ladder/Cage