190 Second Ave. Rosenort Industrial Park - Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada | Phone: 204-746-6843

Novid Inc.



Composting made easy and affordable

Expandable modular construction
Direct drive system
Over 30 years of composting expertise
Over 25 years of stainless steel manufacturing
10 year corrosion warranty on drum


Invest in long-term quality

  • Superior design ensures only stainless steel parts come in contact with compost
  • Modular construction allows for flexibility in capacity when operation grows
  • Direct drive system eliminates the need to monitor and adjust chains and belts
  • Novi-Comp kills most pathogens commonly associated with livestock production
  • Novi-Comp is the only in-vessel composter manufacturerer that offers a 10 year warranty against corrosion on its internal drum
  • The Novi-comp team has decades of composting experience with design, manufacturing and technical expertise
  • Novid Inc. has over 25 years of experience manufacturing high quality stainless steel products and is audited and certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau